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About Me

photo by Huang Xiaozhe

keen on cinema, on silent films starring Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, fascinated by Woody Allen’s movies and atmospheres and inspired by the films based on Agatha Christie’s novels, Elena Massari decides to start attending a model makers course in Ferrara in order to make garments relating to the Flappers’ era.

This job suddenly became the desire to take up the ancient profession of dressmakers.
Her first aim is to have fun through enthusiasm and care of all details, a desire for nostalgia but it’s also a way to re-establish a profession. It’s the desire for care and devotion which are essential to give an article of clothing its uniqueness as well as the simplicity which can emphasize femininity and elegance.

Among the textiles used in her collection there are many different kinds of silk and cotton manufactured by some of the most prestigious Italian companies; all the hats are completely handmade according to the techniques of traditional millinery and the whole collection is made in Italy.

A sophisticated woman at the supermarket and a feminine one at the office: her purpose is to present and represent imagination and details capable of enhancing a good mood…This is “ her search for truth and perfection”.

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