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Collection Coup de Foudre SS2011

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“mi chiedo, in verità che cosa mai abbiamo fatto prima di amare?”
[John Donne]

“Coup de foudre” tells about my love for early ‘900 brides’ trousseaux.
A hope chest disclosing to bring us in an antique fashion’s mood and inspiring new Spring Summer 2011 Collection.
This is mainly the reason why I created two silken underwear articles hand finished with superb vintage Valenciennes lace.

“Coup de foudre” counts just a few articles created through an accurate research both about design and fabrics, which include some rare bright silks.

The name of each creation is inspired by a female protagonist of the history of the 19th and 20th Centuries, such as Louise Michel and Tina Modotti: all of them are strong, emancipated and unconventional women, hard fighting and romantic as well.

Once more, my female imaginative world’s inhabitants are charismatic women, defining their personalities through an exquisite elegance.

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